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A Bucket List Vacation Experience

No matter the season there’s a reason to make Midland, Michigan your travel destination. We offer unique, fun adventures that define the vacation experience. From ice fishing during the winter months to our famous Midland Balloon Festival, and more. The best of Midland is waiting for you.

  • DolceHHotel Midland Winter


    Midland Michigan is home to some of the best ice fishing in the world. Truly, a must-experience for both new and seasoned anglers. Visit a wide range of ice fishing sites and start living the moments you've always dreamed of.

    • Sanford Lake Park
    • Wixom Lake
    • Saginaw Bay
    • Wiggins Lake
  • DolceHHotel Midland Summer


    Summer is an exciting season in Midland, Michigan. Come, experience popular events like the Midland Balloon Festival and meet hot air balloon pilots, enjoy music and games as hot air balloon burners heat up Main Street.

    • The Fun Zone
    • Valley Lanes Family Entertainment Center
    • Midland Community Tennis Center
    • Midland Civic Arena
  • DolceHHotel Midland Fall


    Take your taste buds on an adventure through Midland's best breweries. Try signature ales like Red Keg Ale at the Midland Brewing Company, or check out brews like the "Now On Draft" at Tri-City Brewery.

    • Midland Brewing Company 
    • Tri-City Brewery
    • Oracle Brewing
    • Loggers Brewing
  • DolceHHotel Midland Spring


    Smell the fragrance of new growth in the air. It's an aroma that inspires you to get outdoors and immerse yourself in the many colors of spring. Go on hiking trips and visit our nature centers for a memorable experience.

    • Chippewa Nature Center 
    • Pere Marquette Rail Trail 
    • Midland City Forest
    • Emerson Park